Your Graduation Invitations & Announcements

At Weiland Studios, we make Grad Party Invites super easy — just email us your party information.


Have your grad party info ready now?

Great! Send info to us any time between today through March 13th. On March 14th We’ll process those cards, and they’ll be available ~3 weeks later.

Need more time to finalize your info?

No problem!  Our “last call” for cards is not until April 17th. Cards sent to us March 14th-April 17th will be processed on April 18th, and they’ll be available ~3 weeks later.


You MUST have your card info to us during one of the above timeslots. At the latest, we need your info by our “last call” on April 17th.

When you’re ready to email us your info, this is what we need:

  • END TIME (optional)
  • DATE
  • LOCATION: Most people include the name of the location (like “Our Home”, “The Smith Home”, etc) then the full mailing address.
  • RSVP INFO: (optional) Handling RSVPs can get very stressful very quickly. We only recommend gathering RSVPs if you need a specific head count for food.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: (optional) Sometimes families like to announce the future plans of their senior, like what college they will be attending. Please send this info the way you want it worded on the card.


Q: Can friends & family keep these invites after the party has passed?

A: Yes!  It’s a HUGE reason our Graduation Invitations are so popular.  The front of your invites are a simple full-size photograph with minimal text, and all the info is kept on the back.  This will make it easy for your loved ones to keep and frame the front side of your invite even after your party has passed.  It’s a great way to send all your loved ones a 5×7 gift print.

Q: Do we need to make an in-studio appointment to finalize the cards?

A: Nope!  Simply email us the info listed above.

Q: I think I need more invitations.  Can we order more?

A: Absolutely!  Just let us know how many you would like to add.  (Invites come in sets of 50)

Q: What if we’re not having a party?

A: Then instead of invitations, we will do announcements to say “Hey, I graduated and these are my future plans!”.  It’s a great way to give family & close friends an update on your life… and who knows, this beautiful card might remind them to send you a little money to say “congrats”!

Q: Can I also order custom “Thank You” cards?

A: Yes you can!  Just let us know, and we can help you create them.

Q: Do I need to send our portrait choices?

A: To make things easy for you, we already did that during your Design Consultation.  And once you send in your info, we will send you a digital preview to proofread and approve. At that time, you are welcome to request swapping portraits.

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